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In September 2014 Jarek and Maryana met Jesse in one of the luxury hotels in Brighton, UK where he was pitching his Nano-Gold water concept to the hotel management. There was an instant connection between the three entrepreneur minds. Maryana grew up in a family that has been using natural remedies, hence a strong believer in them. Jarek’s company has been importing natural foods and drinks since he came to the UK in 2010. He always wanted to have his own product and felt that Elixium was the right opportunity coming at the right time. The idea of a brilliant, unique, natural and innovative product developed. After 2 years of careful product development the team co-founded Elixium Ltd (’EL’), a leading international creator and provider of ‘luxury and experience.’ Known within selected circles as a brand of ‘utmost quality,’ Elixium Ltd is organic in their approach to development, design and delivery.

Elixium Water is a 24ct Nano-Gold Infused Haute Refraîchissement. Each bottle contains daily recommended amount of Nano-Gold for heightened ‘mental focus and problem solving abilities.’ * This luxurious water brand is globally expanding and is available as a luxury water service. Hon. Pauline Truong (GlobePreneurs – ‘GP’) recently had discussions with the Founders on how they are disrupting the beverage industry.rllsrycelx2

GP: What is your inspiration for founding Elixium Water?

EL: As founders, we wanted to disrupt people’s perspectives of refreshment and provide a more holistic rejuvenation than the typical mineral spring water. Being inspired by the luxury industry as an art in itself, we searched for the purest water, the highest quality variants of gold with true heritage and history to incorporate into the brand’s identity. The initial idea for Elixium was thought up by Jesse Jarvis our Creative Director with Jarek Turon and Maryana Sukhorukova supporting and developing the idea in order to bring it to fruition. Product development finally resulted in ELIXIUM. It is unique water that creates an exclusive experience that benefits the mind, body and soul and has an element of ‘magic’ and ‘sophistication.’


GP: When will Elixium Water be launched and available to the public?

EL: Elixium’s official global launch is in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on the 23rd of November 2016. Although it will not be fully available to the public until the beginning of 2017, we offer limited volumes of Elixium in selected private member’s clubs in London as well as the opulent VIP Heathrow Lounges. 

In the US, we are pleased to have begun working with Lux & Eco, an online shopping place for those looking for a alternative way to enjoy life’s luxuries.


GP: How does Elixium Water disrupt the beverage industry?

EL: Elixium Water disrupts the beverage industry as it puts water on a new pedestal. It unhinges the generic idea of what it means to be truly refreshed – not only hydrated, but physically and mentally revitalized. The Nano-Gold composite within the beverage has the potential to increase IQ, alleviate the symptoms of multiple diseases and when used per scientific research studies, it has been shown to reduce the effects of rheumatoid arthritis, relieves insomnia, hypertension, arrhythmia and a whole host of other ailments. For sample scientific studies, please see below.* All the research relating to nano-gold composites is cutting edge, and we are optimistic that the results will change the way we perceive the precious metal forever. Our goal is to be disruptive innovators in our industry.


GP: Where do you see the company in 5 years time?

EL: In 5 years time we want to be providing clients with a world class water and a luxury service that prioritizes their well-being and embellishes the quality of life. We hope to take our product globally and collaborate with like-minded brands and organizations to forge long-lasting partnerships. Elixium is in its early days but the nano aspect has the potential to drive us forward to innovate to an even higher level whereby we can join forces with those who already see the Food and Beverage market in a different light.


GP: What is your advice for @GlobePreneurs wanting to disrupt the food and beverages arena?

EL: Look at what is missing. Connect the dots. Look outside the box. All these factors plus our diverse team helped us create and develop Elixium. We integrated tradition (which encompasses all that the Malvern water is praised for), diversity and new advances in technology to create a truly innovative luxury beverage.


*Sample scientific studies:

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